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Apr 24, 2014

Sometimes, it scares me seeing how couples who were so in love and have been together for a long time will just break up. People who promised to stay with each other forever and put a lot of work into their relationship. This past week I’ve talk with four separate people who were in long term relationships and were planning on marriage who were happily in love one day and single the next. I wonder if that could ever happen to me.
People are so intense when they’re young.
Oh well. Jean has put up with my depression and all of my crazy, long distance, and has helped me through growing up after being so sheltered. He’s helped me grow and I’ve never once worried about him leaving me. We plan on forever, but who’s to say? I guess it’s dumb to worry about this stuff at 2am when I could just be enjoying it and focusing on improving what we have now. If my parents can be married and passionate after 28 years, even though no one thought they’d make it, I’m sure it can happen to me.
Honestly, I didn’t even ever want to get married until I met Jean.
Sorry for rambling.

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